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November/December 2009

GillBilly.com Report: Samoa Tsunami Account, GillBilly.com Tribute to Bill Poole, Pablito Launches GillBilly Fish Conservation Public Service Campaign, San Diego in the 60's 4 Part Video Series, Visit HIREVETERANS.COM Today, Linda Ronstadt Sings The Flavor Of Old Mexico, The S.S. CATALINA Has Now Been Removed From The Ensenada Harbor, Classic Black and White Photos from the 20th Century, Introducing THE GillBilly.com MOVIE PROJECT!

September/October 2009
GillBilly.com Tribute to the Kennedy Brothers, Introducing the GillBilly.com MOVIE PROJECT!
, Mexico DECRIMINALIZES Small Scale Drug Possesion, YouTube Sea Show, Visit HIREVETERANS.COM Today YouTube Video, Book Report - ¡ASK A MEXICAN!, GillBilly.com Fishing Adventure YouTube Video, YouTube Video Tribute to Walter Cronkite, The Amazing Evian Roller Babies YouTube Video

July / August 2009
GillBilly.com MovieTheme Song and New GillBilly Songs by Brian Jay Cline
,new San Ignacio Lagoon whale adventure video, Baja 500 videos, Ensenada girls softball videos, passport law change update, APL Panama container ship grounding slideshow, CONDRON.US - Blog Surfing at its BEST!, Baja Boater safety, cigarette filters facts regarding our environment

May/June 2009
Passport laws changed on June 1st, new YouTube Baja surf photo series introduced, GillBilly.com Bloody Mary Salmon, new YouTube race memorabilia video, BETWEEN THE LINES by pure frustration productions honored with X-DANCE AWARD! New SCORE Baja 250 race True Traveler Publishing videos, SCORE Baja san Felipe 250 race debate, did Robby cheat?, GillBilly.com Lobster Chowder, FISHERMAN!!! (baithookerous castoferous), an article from our GillBilly.com blog, GillBilly.com Bacon and Tuna Hash

March/April 2009
Sand Ignacio whale adventure article and video, GillBilly.com Ceviche Puruano, an Ensenada girls softball video, two new videos showing the True Traveler Mighty #29's first stock car win, a Baja Whale watching video, a SCORE Baja Bash off road race video, Between the Lines wins a X-Dance award article and video, California changes the 90 Day Yacht club law again

January/February 2009
GillBilly.com Style Turkey Day Tuna Surprise, Todos Santos surfing adventure full slideshow, Punta Brava Tiger Woods golf development adventure, surf fishing in Baja, Baja 1000 photo slideshow, Olympic swimmer – oceans needs our help, Baja girls softball slideshow, Baja 1000 and 500 results and photos

November/December 2008
Fine dining at La Finca restaurant, Maya sings mariachi - 9 Year Old Baja Singing Sensation, the Baja boater fear factor, true traveler Creole fish and chips

September/October 2008
El Corralito the Margarita House, know your cost of fuel numbers, tuna pen aquaculture in the pens of Baja, new Tijuana bus tours announced, a jumbo squid sandwich recipe, hurricane season arrives

July/August 2008
Fuel rationing in Ensenada, Sportfishing fuel crisis, spring trip to Porto Santo Tomas slideshow, BAJA 500 Race Wrap-up and photos, Ensenada area 5 to 12 year old girls fastpitch softball article with 2 great slide shows, the annual and eagerly anticipated August Ensenada Wine Festival

May/June 2008
A Bogart Bacal memory, the running of the bulls in Pamplona in July, what is bullfighting?, the travels of Seguaro, two for one fish tacos at our favorite fish taco place in Ensenada, Mexico travel advisory update

March/April 2008
Baja Mama’s fine dining and Sunday brunch, a Baja scenic slideshow, the celebration and joy of a Mexican circus, the Pueblo Café has great pizza, an article about the Sea Of Cortez, hair braiding in Ensenada, colorful Mexican flags on display

January/February 2008

Baja boater safety advice, new passport law update article, a photo of a beached steel sailboat, the 90 Day Yacht Club returns to Ensenada, local Baja race team takes racing Championship in California - season recap, cigarette filters are clogging the earth’s waterways, photos of huge Baja waves on Big Wednesday, all about the 90th carnival celebration in Ensenada

November/December 2007

An offshore delivery primer, our best suggestion for hiring a private fishing boat in Ensenada, a new Tecate town map illustrating the border approach, the legislature brings back the tax break for yachts delivered offshore, Galaxy Electronics is the place to go if you need electronics repair or installation in Ensenada, The Modern Day Presidio: how current safety and security concerns are stalking Baja visitors, introducing our new website Spycamair.com, the True Traveler Mighty #29 Street Stock race team win the Barona Speedway Championship!, a quiet Baja 1000 visits Ensenada

September/October 2007

The megayachts are coming to Ensenada, the ¡ASK A MEXICAN! book review, Bill Gates comments at a recent computer trade show, green light now on for the return of the 90 Day Yacht Club article from the LA Times in late August, the construction crew of Mexico revisited, the point of the picture of death historical article, politics trashing Baja?, a photo of two huge albacore caught on the Bad Dog, photos of and articles about the True Traveler Street Stock Mighty #29’s race program at the Barona Speedway during the summer months

July/August 2007

Red tide attacks the Ensenada area waters, sabotage and booby traps; the perils of Baja off-road racing, Baja 500 wrap-up report, Carlsbad man dies in Baja 500 accident, Baja 500 final placements and results and photos of the event, a photo of a nice size stingray caught at Las Gaviotas, photos of the annual Gill Billy® fishing tournament, new passport law eased, photos of the dump truck accident that brought down the El Sauzal pedestrian bridge, photos of the True Traveler/Gill Billy® race car

May/June 2007

Cockfighting in Northern Baja, Surfing Mecca San Miguel threatened by marina development, fire engulfs yacht in the Ensenada harbor, the volatile LNG pipe line is now being installed throughout Northern Baja, photos and wrap-up of the Baja 250, Baja Mileage chart, photos of a local Ensenada Navy patrol boat to be on the lookout for currently in action mode boarding boats visiting Ensenada, photos of huge surf climbing over the Marina Coral jetty

March/April 2007

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies “Black Pearl" sailing vessel visits Ensenada, tow-in surfing the largest waves on the world, the fear factor encountered upon visiting Mexico, the nautical ladder that went to nowhere has now been abandoned, a LNG terminal Earth impact update, traveling with pets in Mexico, Friday night on the 500 fathom curve

January/February 2007

Ensenada food and water quality and availability, the innovative Ongley Institute heals those with joint problems without invasive surgery, a Sempra LNG terminal update, an Ensenada tow story, a historical front page article about the change in the 90 Day Law and our books, a fisherman profile, the next realm (in memory of my father who passed January 7th 2007), the Baja Marimba Band remembered, a classic Salvador Dali

November/December 2006

Murder near Mulege, article and photos of the SS Catalina up close, the killer bees from Africa are here!, free electronic charts are now available from NOAA, the construction crew of Mexico update, articles and photos of the Baja 1000 off-road race, need stainless steel in Ensenada?, Ensenada shipping facts, passport rules changes report, a deep space galaxy Hubble photo, local bird life photos, an ancient True Traveler portrait

September/October 2006

Layoffs follow profit slump at West Marine, a great preloader movie depicting local color in a photo slideshow, aquaculture in the tuna pens in the northern Baja area, a local big Jesus statue is dedicated, marina etiquette, the cost of grocery shopping in Ensenada, Mexican moving trucks, photos of a Dockwise transport ship entering Ensenada harbor, hurricane John hits the Baja Cape and relief support is needed, a Steve Irwin remembrance and links to articles about the stingray sea creature, Dog Chapman is arrested for extradition to Mexico allegedly in trade for a drug lord, Ensenada bandera Flag Facts, an Easter Island statue slideshow

July/August 2006

A San Miguel surf photo flash composition for diversion, putting a face on the winner of the Baja 500 and how this led to the discovery of the death of a former Coral Marina resident, a Baja 500 race wrap up, photos of the winning Baja 500 truck after it rolled during the 2005 Baja 1000, Linda Ronstadt sings the flavor of old Mexico, a January trip to surf Killers and the biggest wave bounty story, views of Cruiseport Marina, a new chart revised of Cruiseport marina, the entry to Cruiseport Marina, a history of Ensenada, California will spare no expense to track down online pirate cigarette buyers to heap more taxes on the consumer.

May/June 2006

An animated flower for diversion, photos of the Coral Marina now 50% full, a call to arms to contact your California Legislator, California Legislature representative contact information, Baja 500 initial race results, photos of this author now included in a full page profile in the July 2006 Sea Magazine, article and photos of the Opening Day ceremonies at the San Diego Yacht Club, road trip article and photos of a 90 Day Yacht Club Guide to Ensenada book promotion trip to Seattle, photos of our West Marine book displays in prominent west coast stores, article and photos of a gringo Easter potluck located in a very special Baja secret spot, article and photos of Taurus Auto Detail, APL Panama container ship box update, photos of a destruction derby survivor, Mexico to legalize the use of hard drugs???

March/April 2006

Continued updates about the container ship APL Panama that went aground on a south Ensenada beach Christmas night 2005, extensive updates from 2-8-2006 to 4-4-2006, the Queen Mary 2 visits Ensenada, photos of a beautiful Ensenada girl getting her hair braided,  a photo of the new Commodore of the San Diego Yacht Club and her proud Dad, a donation request and an address to send your donations, APL Panama local flavor photos, the big boats are back in Ensenada again, beach horse rental photos, dining at La Querencia Restaurant, a small boat is recovered from the waters of Coral Marina, and clear water returns to the Bahia de Todos Santos after a long red tide last year.

February 2006

The container ship APL Panama goes aground on a south Ensenada beach Christmas night 2005, ship grounding update 1-12-2006, ship grounding update 1-14-2006, ship grounding update 1-18-2006, exclusive eyewitness account of the ship grounding, final ship grounding update for the February newsletter, a 90 Day Yacht Club Update, photos of great Christmas waves at San Miguel, photos of a Sunseeker yacht preparing for a trip south to Cabo San Lucas  

January 2006

The largest Mexican flag in Baja is in Ensenada, hit count thanks, its whale watching season again, Dockwise yacht transportation serves Ensenada from all over the planet, Willy the baby seal comes for a visit, what gender is a computer in Spanish?, photos of hauling a 72 foot Mikelson at Baja Naval, what is a cactus?, a cactus quesadilla recipe, photos of the El Corralito and McDonald’s restaurants

 December 2005

A recent October 2005 Sea Magazine article about the effects of the 90 Day yacht Club temporary change in the law to 360 days, photos of a stroll through Baja Naval at lunch time, the return of the 90 Day Yacht Club is only 6 months away and your need to contact your California legislator about that return, two for one fish tacos at our favorite fish taco shop, a Sempra LNG terminal update and navigation chart, photos of the winning Baja 1000 buggie and the latest technology Baja 1000 chase chopper

November 2005

The celebration and joy of a Mexican circus, wireless internet availability in Ensenada, photos of a recent launch ramp mishap, what is Bullfighting?, the hills above Ensenada with perhaps the best view of the city and port inhabited by some of the poorest people in the city, photos of riding in a scenic view horse carriage

October 2005

Only 9 months remain until the re-instatement of the 90 Day Yacht Club, the last of the 2004 90 Day Yacht Club boats arrive in Ensenada, Q’ Burgers best deal for our favorite burgers in Ensenada, where are the illegal American farm workers?, photos of a sax man playing on the streets of Ensenada, what is a Mariachi ensemble?, an August visit to the Todos Santos Islands, photos of hair braided on Ave. Lopez Mateos

September 2005

New laws from the Homeland Security Department about the necessity of you having a passport, the ongoing fallacy that the US has the cheapest fuel on the planet, Baja Mama’s fine dining and the best brunch in the Ensenada area, what is Red Tide?, the Sierra De La Laguna microclimate and relic environment

                                                           August 2005

Local Ensenada wine regions, vintners, and the August annual wine festival, the Pueblo Café has the best wood fire pizza in Ensenada, the Sea of Cortez facts, history and beauty, Baja California Sur facts, colorful photos of the Ensenada tourist shopping area

                                                    July 2005

Downwind Marine celebrates 20 years in business, the Russian migrants that settled in the Guadalupe Valley, photos of the Beach Houses at San Miguel, what is Tequila?, Ensenada climate, Baja California Norte facts, readying your boat for the trip south to Ensenada, photos of the car toss at El Mirador

June 2005

Hurricane season arrives again, the Baja 500 Off-road Race and the yacht Lucky Sperm and race team return to Ensenada, West Marine undergoes changes in management and how they stock our book, Tecate border crossing and map changes (updated in the November/December 2007 Newsletter), Tijuana Tequila Tiempos, photos of a new night club in Ensenada, what is Flan?, the English Pirates of the Sea of Cortez, the fish market in Ensenada, photos of our favorite fishing boat as the fishing boats return to Ensenada

                                                             May 2005

The Newport to Ensenada race arrives in Ensenada, Seabreeze Books not selling annual navigation gear to mega-yachts in San Diego, environmentalists fight the proposed LNG plant near Ensenada and an explanation of what is LNG, fish availability chart for Ensenada, read the Gringo Gazette review about the 90 Day Yacht Club Guide to Ensenada, strange things seen on the roads in Mexico, riding the San Miguel elevator.

April 2005

The third annual Baja Authors book signing and wine tasting event, Global Warming warning article, the biggest wave bounty won by local Ensenada surf spot, our top 10 dock pet peeves, fish banks near Ensenada, the longest eclipse of the millennium, the rescue of Marley the Dog, scenic photos of downtown Ensenada.

March 2005

The devastating luxury tax on yachts in the 1990’s and how the current change in the 90 Day Law is affecting the yachting industry, the latest rains have missed Ensenada completely, missions, pueblos and presidios, book corrections about AM radio stations received in Ensenada, our exclusive Mexican Monaco, the story of the pearls of La Paz.

                                                         February 2005

92 degrees in January, the marine trades are starting to feel the effects of the change in the law, the history of Tijuana, Ensenada the second most visited cruise ship port in Mexico, lower Baja history, offshore living adaptability, conversion tables for your foreign stay, photos of the El Trailero carne asada and fish taco shop and the fruit and vegi stand next door.

January 2005

Whale watching season again, Tsunami! article, Carnival in Ensenada, unexpected mammoth maintenance, Mexicali’s Chinese immigration history, the history of Punta Banda, guns and drugs in Mexico.

December 2004

War in California, a tale from an Ensenada Christmas past, book corrections and upgrades, surfing history and Puerto Nuevo - the Lobster Town, our everyday links to Mexico, a Christmas cookie recipe, a Christmas Sea of Joy, please contact us, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

November 2004

The new law’s maintenance window, El Niño, La Niña, NOAA and our fisheries, Ensenada area sites of interest, the Casino Riviera del Pacifico, shopping in Ensenada, seal pursuit, Silverton Gulch becomes Mainship Gorge, a recent Mexican rainbow.

October 2004

A new coastal map of the Ensenada area, the legend of the pirates of the Coronado Islands, Baja California’s topography and climate, the dictionary definition of “offshore”, the allure of Ensenada, the Author's latent survivalist psychology, the history of San Quintin, and please be conscious of what you throw overboard.

September 2004

          The no vacancy sign soon to be displayed in Ensenada, those dreaded, dangerous devil winds, an open letter from a boater about Baja Naval, anchoring or mooring in Ensenada Harbor, the West Nile Virus, the beggars of the streets of Ensenada.

August 2004

  Trains, trolleys and busses, the running of the bulls in Pamplona, what is a Tamale?, Tijuana Jai-Alai, the 22nd annual family Fun Bicycle Ride, the Tamale Lady and her family visit the Coral Marina.

July 2004   

The release of the second printing of the 90 Day Yacht Club Guide to Ensenada, the LA Times front page news article, the Russian settlers of the Guadalupe Valley, La Galeria de San Antonio, a fisherman profile, book upgrades and corrections, boat insurance in Mexico, checking your boat into Mexico.

June 2004

Dawn Patrol approach to the border, hurricane season arrives, Hussong’s Cantina, book upgrades and corrections, the history of the Guadalupe Valley wine country, the road to Tecate, photos of the Catalina ferry shipwreck near the Cruiseport Marina entry in the Ensenada Harbor.

May 2004

Our advice regarding your behavior while in Mexico, Don Petra Canyon: an old Kumiai Indian Village, another new little restaurant to visit, Ensenada’s early history, border crossing tips, photos of the El Rey Sol Restaurant.

April 2004

The first exotic fish arrive in the Ensenada area the week of Saint Patrick’s Day, The Point of the Picture of Death on the road to La Paz, Lomotil; the Diarrhea Remedy, see Sign Diego for your new boat name’s graphics, a great little restaurant to visit, the Baja Book Signing event at the Pyramid resort.

March 2004

The discovery of the Desert Whale and Scammon’s Lagoon, cheaper gas now in Mexico (updated 6-1-2004), flag protocol, Linda Ronstadt sings the flavor of Mexico (updated in the July/August 2006 Newsletter), protect your boat and those expensive fenders, the Taurus Auto Detail Shop.

February 2004

The Ensenada Gold Rush, the San Diego Library Exposition, a description of a Gordo’s ramp haul out, a new restaurant to visit, stateside TV and radio reception in Ensenada, bug control, a new bakery to visit, the Ensenada downtown bus depot, and photos of a roadside artisan.

January 2004

Inexpensive Mexican car insurance, an authentic French pastry shop in Ensenada, the new free road through south Rosarito, Tamales Las Gaviotas, two new restaurants, the wines of the Ensenada area, road trip to San Quintin, the basics about taxes and yacht purchases and the 90 Day Yacht Club, photos of an Ensenada car club show.

December 2003

The gray whale migration, the toll road emergency phone number, the new Marina Coral Internet service (updated in the November 2005 Newsletter), cloud watching, freighter delivery service to Ensenada from the east coast, the old style VW bug, a new sub sandwich shop (updated December 2006), the Punto Morro walk-about, investing in your future in Mexico, one of those Magic Mornings and a photo of Ing. Mn. Helios A. Gallego Sablo, Jefe de Senalamiento Maritimo, the officer in charge of all the lighthouses in Baja California.

November 2003

A new restaurant, Seabreeze Bookstore (updated 12-31-2004), West Marine and Boat US info, The Land and Sea Guide to Ensenada info, environmental law in Mexico, new Cruiseport Marina info, market tips, the SS Catalina, new Villalva Yacht Services info (updated 3-20-2006), the Sea of Cortez, Toll Road info and Juanitos Vessel Towing (updated 4-17-2005).

October 2003

Two new restaurants (updated 2005), a new cinema complex, the new Nextel walkie-talkie cell phone service, the Pescadores de Ensenada fishing club (article updated 1-6-2004), tourist cards, a note to the reader about our books and roadside tacos.


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