Author's Note


   These books are the result of the authorís membership at the 90 Day Yacht Club. Captain Lonnie Ryan has been in Mexico for 12 years, commuting to and from his sailboat at Marina Coral near Ensenada. Captain Ryan is instrumental in facilitating the delivery of boats, commissioning and equipping a number of boats for offshore delivery, having made the trip between Ensenada and San Diego more than 350 times. During his life he has been traveling to, and exploring Mexico for over 45 years. Captain Ryan is an accomplished seaman, having served 2 years on a National Oceanographic and Administration (NOAA) ship as an Electronics Technician. He was in charge of shipboard operations and small boat exploration away from the ship performing tide survey data collection in the Columbia River and San Francisco Bay. He has delivered yachts throughout Mexico and navigated his own boat in California and Mexican waters. These books were written in the Captain's mind long before they came to print and are a result of meetings with visiting boaters, whose many questions about their offshore delivery experience propelled this book to the reality of the written word. As new members of the 90 Day Yacht Club, the boaters relied on Lonnie to answer their questions and concerns about successful implementation of the offshore delivery process. The results are these chapters of hopefully helpful information to make realization of your tax exemption an easy and enjoyable task. A book on this subject has long been needed and we now present it to you with answers to those questions you may have about your offshore experience. The 90 Day Yacht Club Guide to Ensenada will help you enjoy a cost savings of the almost 8% California State Tax on the purchase price of your boat. This savings on a yacht sale may help buy a larger boat, make the buyer's offer more flexible, or make the down payment funds available for approval of financing. You may want to use the savings to update the electronics, mechanics, or cosmetics on your new boat. While in Ensenada you may be able to do some needed work in one of the boat yards implementing improvements on your new yacht that are overdue. You will find much lower labor rates and fine quality results in the work you have performed while in Mexico.


                    Mission Statement
  There exists an innocent attitude toward new technology, a technology as yet unrealized by the majority of the people inhabiting this evolving Latino State. Many families live without items we take for granted as common place in our homes; electricity, running water, household appliances, TVs, VCRs, computers and video games. Rather than take advantage of this innocence by only exploiting cheap labor and using the Baja as a weekend vacation, the United States would be well served by developing brotherhood between two neighboring States, which still to this day share the title of California, by contributing to the education and enrichment of future Baja generations. We know your investment in our books will return rewards far beyond your tax savings. It is our aspiration that the suggestions of how to spend time while at the 90 Day Yacht Club will make the purchase of your new boat and time spent offshore while in Mexico more enjoyable as you help to enrich the Baja economy by participating in it's growth. We collect the unused and discarded items of worth in our Stateside neighborhood and try to bring something to Mexico every time we travel south. We encourage you to do the same while you experience this beautiful area of Baja California and it's friendly people.

High Times in Ensenada!

The Author is a holder of a First Class Federal Communications License and a Coast Guard issued 100 ton Captain's License and is a member of the Navy Yacht Club.




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