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From The 90 Day Yacht Club Guide to Ensenada

January 2004

Volume 2, Number 1



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  During the past 5 years that we have been visiting Mexico we have not had any misfortunes on the road that would cause us to call upon our insurance provider for ourselves and our vehicle. A referral from a lawyer friend caused us to call ADA VIS GLOBAL ENTERPRISES, INC. when we were preparing for our initial trip south for our enrollment in the 90 Day Yacht Club. The cost of coverage is $58 US for a year of basic coverage. For an additional $25 you can receive what they call LEGAL AID COVERAGE. In Mexico a traffic accident is considered a felony. It is very possible the authorities will detain you and impound your vehicle until they conclude their investigation. This extra legal aid coverage helps you prevent this nasty situation. With a call to a number provided with your policy you will get immediate service from an attorney that will come to your assistance and negotiate your immediate release as well as the release of your vehicle. They will pay the bail bond, help you file the police report, assist in the case of theft of your vehicle, and help you pay any fines or fees and recuperate any damages. This is provided by an alliance with Proteccion Automovilistica Mexicana south of the border and we strongly advised to you take advantage of this dependable and inexpensive coverage for your travels south. They also can provide you with a R.V. insurance quote.

  Ask for the owner's son Marty Adair. The family has been in the insurance business for 27 years. You can contact them at; P.O. Box 744 , Temecula , CA 92593. Phone them at (800) 909-4457 or fax at (800) 909-1007. You can e-mail  at or visit their site at on the web.

  *OUR TRAVEL TIP- When traveling on the toll road stay in the extreme right side of the right lane when not overtaking and passing as most accidents occur when speeding overtaking cars in your lanes either rear-end or side-swipe slower moving vehicles in the right hand lane...


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  After surfing the shores of France during 3 European trips in prior times gone by, we are happy to share our favorite stop in Ensenada for purely calorific and decadent confections of noble scope! Founded in 1990, the Reposteria La Reyna will soon become your most recommended secret find in town. Open from 10 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week, at # 1449 Calle 2a (one and a half blocks NW from Bronco’s Steak House and the San Nicolas Hotel) you will find only 6 selections of pastelitos franceses. Any more would be tipping the scales toward sugar insanity! Each selection is only 12 pesos (about US 1$), so for a few bucks you can take care of more than a few of your French pastry fetishes. Light and oh so subtle in their mega tilt of your senses, we highly recommend you stop and say hello to Raul Reyna and his son Israel from us when you visit!!! 

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  It’s finally done and is a great improvement over the old two lane road that often washed out and became impassable. Two years ago we were half way through this area headed south to Ensenada only to have to turn around at a washout and take the toll road. Talk about a traffic jam! Those heading south had no clue as to the roads condition ahead until they got to the actual area to turn around and it continued to get worse as others joined the rush hour insanity and there was absolutely no traffic management or warning of the situation ahead. Now you have a cement six lane road between the Rosarito toll plaza to the Fox Studio complex that is wide enough to land a Boeing 747 jet! The businesses on the side of the road have ample parking and proper curbing and there is a center divider to keep opposing traffic lanes from entangling. At the present time there is only one stop sign, but we anticipate more as they probably will soon catch on to the way they do it in the States. Stop signs placed in strategic areas to make you stop and look at the roadside commerce in an effort to get you to halt your journey and spend money in the area. We applaud the Mexican officials that approved this project that many complained about prior to and during its construction. We always take this road when heading north or south as you can bypass the Rosarito toll plaza saving that toll cost for tamales at our best recommended stop between the border and Ensenada listed below.

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  Km-41&1/2 (Km 48&1/2 on the toll road). Signs advertising rooms for rent and tamales at a simple 2 story white and light green building marks our favorite food stop along the entire route to Ensenada. For 14 years this family-owned establishment has offered rooms and tamales to those passing by on the old road to Ensenada. Maria Cristina and Francisco welcome you from the window of their kitchen from which they serve the best chicken, cheese, and fruit HOT tamales we have ever tasted! Whether taken to go to your boat, or eaten at the yard furniture tables by the kitchen window, we advise you have refreshment close by to accent the savoring of these works of culinary art. We usually get a few extra to feed to the microwave en route to our mouths at the boat.  

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  Las Cazuelas de Kiki: On the beach at the foot of Ave. Caracoles behind the Chevy Dealer car lot on Blvd. Lazaro Cardenas. This restaurant is well hidden off the tourist beaten path but well worth finding, as it is a very popular local breakfast stop right on the beach in a quiet remote area of town.

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  La Vendimia Wine Bar and Wine Shop: Ave.Riveroll #85. This restaurant features an excellent menu selection of wine, seafood and Mexican cuisine with an outdoor sidewalk dining area. Try the Caesar salad for two prepared at your table, the pastas, and the stingray steak. Tel. 174-0969

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  This area is the most fertile and productive wine country in all of Mexico. Here are two suggested wine producing places to visit while you are in Ensenada.

Valle de Guadelupe

  This grape growing and wine producing area in Baja California is situated in a spectacular valley in which most of the state and national, and international wineries have been established producing award winning wines. It is said that 95% of the grapes grown to produce Mexican wines are grown in this valley. This unique location is only 40 miles northeast of Ensenada while traveling on Highway 3 to Tecate. The recorded history of the valley dates back to the era of the Dominican missions during the latter part of the 18th century. Prior to that time, the Kumiai Indians inhabited this area. Their presence can be seen in the rupestrian art (rock paintings) and the mortars, tools, and small ceramic fragments found in the area. The little town of Guadelupe, which is inhabited by a population of 3,500 which live here to support the local agricultural and wine making activities, will be found along this road. The town was colonized by the local Russian community in 1905. Also, along the road to Tecate are the Domeco and LA Cetto Wineries, which offer wine tasting and a great value priced selection of domestic Mexican born wines. Our regional roadmap illustrates the location of the valley, city of Guadelupe, and these wineries.

Santo Tomas Winery

  “Bodegas de Santo Tomas” was founded by Francisco Andonegui and Miguel Olmar, who arrived in Ensenada in 1882 and 1888, respectively. They purchased some vineyards and a small plant to make wine from Loreto Amador founding Santo Tomas Wines at the little village of Santo Tomas, located in the Valle de Santo Tomas, 30 miles south of Ensenada. In 1913, Gral. Francisco Vazquez ordered a building built to serve the 25th military regiment as headquarters. This building now will be found to house the downtown winery and bottling plant for Santo Tomas Wines. A tour of the works and wine tasting of the product of Baja’s oldest winery is available. The restaurant in the winery is known as one of Baja’s finest. You will find this location listed as #62 on our Ensenada site map.



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  San Quintin is a colorful and bustling agricultural center 114 miles south of Ensenada on the transpeninsular highway. With sandy beaches and sand dunes along the ocean and many bays, it is also a paradise for outdoor sport aficionados with excellent hiking, hunting, clamming, kayaking, bird watching and fishing. Historical landmarks include the Old Mill, Old Pier and the English cemetery, all remnants of the 19th century British attempt at colonial control of the area. During that era, huge tracts of land charter by both British and American holding companies headquartered in Ensenada were established. In 1882, Ensenada was appointed capital of the territory due to this land expansion in the south. Today, San Quintin provides a wide assortment of restaurants, hotels, RV parks, stores and services. Just south of here, the transpeninsular highway heads inland to eventually transverse the Baja and joins the coast at the magnificent Bay of Conception/Santa Rosalia/Loreto area of the eastern Baja peninsula on the Sea of Cortez.



The basics about taxes and yacht purchases

  The “90 Day Yacht Club” is the common name given to yacht purchasers who choose to take an offshore delivery of their new boat, and spend more than 90 days in another country. This performance of compliance with the State of California Law relieves the new owner's responsibility to pay the State sales tax on the purchase. Here are the basics about the law and your tax obligations.

  The cost savings you enjoy of the almost 8% California State Tax on the purchase and price of your boat may help buy a larger boat, make the buyer's offer more flexible, or make the down payment funds available for approval of financing. You may want to use the savings to update the electronics, mechanics, or cosmetics on your new boat. While in Ensenada you may be able to do some needed work in one of the boat yards implementing improvements on your new yacht that are overdue. You will find much lower labor rates and fine quality results in the work you have performed while in Mexico.

  Perhaps the most confusing and misunderstood facet of the whole 90 Day Yacht Club experience is the actual means of physically performing the transfer of ownership and then proving the whole process was successfully done to the California tax collector. The whole nebulous process is not spelled out in plain English by government decree, so you have to use the methods that have satisfied the taxman in the past.

  The 90 Day Yacht Club is a bit of a misnomer; you will owe taxes if you do not spend a full 90 days plus one day offshore. There are other new wrinkles which are often overlooked and later used to find the new boat owner liable for their California State tax. We don't advise skirting the actual method of transfer prescribed as it could mean you fail to satisfy the terms of the current law, and could possibly be made to pay the tax at a later date.

  While most brokers are knowledgeable in the general aspects of the offshore delivery process, please remember they are not tax professionals. Please be aware that the methods prescribed and recognized by the State Board of Equalization continue to change as the law evolves from year to year. Your yacht brokerage firm may have an attorney they can suggest you contact to discuss the proper interpretation of the current laws being enforced.

  Keep in mind, taking a boat to Mexico as a tax avoidance, rather than as a tax compliance, are two different intents. To satisfy the spirit of the law the boat should be used extensively while it is in Mexico. Actually, the true and righteous proper fulfillment of the law's intent and implementation would have you visiting and using your new boat weekly while offshore. This is a great opportunity to spend time in Mexico with your new boat and family.  


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