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There is a Red Cross Hospital 2 miles from Ensenada that offers free ambulance service and medical care for a minimum donation of $5 US and free drugs, if available.

At the former Casino Riviera del Pacifico, the opening act in 1929 featured Bing Crosby backed by the Xavier Cugat Orchestra. The orchestra included a singer named Margarita Carmen Cansino, a Baja native later to be known as Rita Hayworth. The building now can be visited in its current incarnation as a cultural center near the new Cruiseport Marina in Ensenada. 

Ensenada is the only major Pacific Ocean port on the Baja and is the heart of perhaps the most fertile wine producing area in all of Mexico. Wine tasting, tours and festivals are a popular local pastime.

You should have two forms of insurance when taking your boat into Mexican waters. Without a Mexican policy, if you injure a Mexican National in a boating accident and/or damage their boat there could be cause for a significant fine and possible imprisonment. Without the proper Mexican fishing licenses, a single fish hook onboard could be cause for a significant fine and seizure of your boat. A single bullet onboard could be cause for a significant fine and seizure of your boat plus you spending time in a Mexican prison. 

The Todos Santos Islands annually attract the best surfers in the industry and the largest rideable waves in the world. Surf charters are available along the Ensenada waterfront.

Fresh swordfish can be purchased for $5 US a kilo (2.2 pounds) at the Ensenada waterfront fish market, alongside other booths offering lobster, all types of tuna, and shrimp. Dependant on the season of the year, fresh locally caught fish of all varieties can be found here daily.

A dentist can provide you a bridge for as little as $350 US.  Painkilling drugs, antibiotics and most all other drugs are available over the counter and can be purchased much more reasonably that in the States.

A Mexican guitar player rose to stardom after spending his formative years playing the bars in Tijuana nightly 'till dawn. He was discovered by the majority of his early fans in a movie named Woodstock. He is experiencing a resurgence that has scored him some recent Grammy awards. His name? Carlos Santana...

True Travelers know that Ensenada is the best shopping center in all of the Baja, offering a more laid back approach to the customer, and a better stock of goods at a more reasonable price structure. All this and still allowing a friendly negotiation. After all, no one ever pays the asking price in Mexico!  

As recently as the late 1950's most of the Baja below Tijuana was only served by rutted dirt roads and the Halfway House, established in 1922, was a welcome roadside rest during the long drive to Ensenada. Today you will find a secure, well patrolled and paved 4-lane toll freeway which delivers you safely to your Ensenada destination.

There exists a free two lane paved road that will take you over the hills of Tijuana and parallel to the toll road that will afford you a view of the local color and passes by the studio enclosure where the movie Titanic was filmed on the shore near the fishing village of Popotla. A visit to the village's group of 30 or so colorful catch-of-the-day restaurants is recommended. The lack of electricity closes many of these restaurants at sunset. Your meal is cooked with propane after being kept on ice in a cooler until you order at this quaint cliff-side location overlooking the ocean that reminds us of nearby Puerto Nuevo 35 years ago. The pirate movie Masters and Commanders starring Russell Crowe was recently filmed at the studios next door.

The Coronado Islands once were the refuge for a band of bloodthirsty pirates that ravaged the Manila galleons traveling to the East with the riches of the Gold Rush. These cutlery compadres met their fate at the hands of a shipload of wharf rats from the hide houses of San Diego. This colorful legend is told in our pages.

Welcome to Ensenada!


The 90 Day Yacht Club Guide to Ensenada and the Land and Sea Guide to Ensenada contain many more facts you should know before you embark to the "Land of Manana" on your new yacht or by car!


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