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From The 90 Day Yacht Club Guide to Ensenada

October 2003

Volume 1, Number 1



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   Sede Vino Mediterranean Bistro Wine Bar and Patio: Ave. Ruiz #138. Located across Ave. Ruiz from Hussong's Cantina. At this location you will find a wonderful Mediterranean cuisine with a decidedly Mexican flare. A great selection of local and imported wines compliment the meal complete with a street side view of busy Ave. Ruiz and Hussong's Cantina, reminding us of our days in Paris, France. (Unfortunately this restaurant is now closed, see our more current 2005 Newsletters for restaurants that will replace this restaurant in our coming new printing).

  La Finca Steak House and La Cava Bar: Blvd. Lazaro Cardenas #1618. At this restaurant you will enjoy chateaubriand for two, with all the fixin's, prepared at your table for a mere US $23. Add a bottle of wine and you have a complete meal for two for under US $35! The owner, Carlos Tirado, has owned various restaurants in the U.S. and Mexico for over 25 years. Breakfast 7 days a week. Tel. 172-5826.


  Cinema Star: Ave. de la Marina next to Gordo's Boatyard and 1 1/2 blocks NW of Baja Naval. Opened in May 2003, this air-conditioned modern cinema-plex features 12 theaters with subtitles in Spanish. Do you want to save some money for your night out on the town later that evening? These first-run movies are value priced at US $2.50 for matinees and US $4.00 otherwise.


The new Nextel Walkie Talkie instant push button communication system with free minutes in Baja for a preset monthly fee is the best system we have found for across the border communication as of the date of this publication’s printing.













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  Sport fishermen are an interesting lot; adventurous, courageous, tenacious, hardy, patient people who get up in the wee hours of the mourning to brave the open sea in the chance that they might catch a fish to bring home for dinner. They bond with each other in a common effort and sometimes form lifelong relationships. While it is said that fishermen stretch the truth about the fish they catch and tell long stories about the one that got away, in fact, they are enthusiasts that love the sea, care for one another and try to help each other improve in their sport and survive in an unforgiving ocean.

  The boat owners and sport fishermen who love Ensenada and attach themselves to the Marina Coral in Ensenada have always been a solo act. Surrounded by 90 Day Yacht Clubbers who are here today and gone tomorrow, the ones who are long term keep to themselves and only know of each other from infrequent meetings at the fuel dock or seeing one another offshore through binoculars.

  This was the case until March 1, 2003, when long term tenant Steve Ross founded Pescadores De Ensenada.  Steve, who is the founder and first President of the San Diego Rod and Reel Club, knew what a union of fishermen could do for a community. Steve predicted that bringing all the Marina Coral fishermen together into a saltwater sport fishing Club would convert the voices on the VHF radios offshore into long lasting handshakes.  And so it all began as one after another paid dues to join the never heard of, Pescadores De Ensenada. And there, an Ensenada community of saltwater sport fishing enthusiasts who love Baja California was formed.  Based out of Marina Coral, a union, a communication network of e-mail addresses, and friendships were "hooked up" by their Club, the one they formed, Pescadores De Ensenada.

  Since then the members of Pescadores De Ensenada have picnicked on the Todos Santos Islands as the guest of Eric Pedersen, Bajamachi S.A., and held their Mexico Independence Day Big Fish Tournament on September 27, 2003.

  You can tell a member of Pescadores De Ensenada as they fly their burgee from their outriggers or wear one of their Club T-Shirts or past tournament T-Shirts which were designed by artist and member Josh Dunlap of Team Striper. Or if you find yourself in an Ensenada cantina surrounded by mariachis, ask them to sing the local folk song "Pescadores De Ensenada."  If they don't know this song, they're from Tijuana.

  Membership in Pescadores De Ensenada is by invitation only and a sponsor is required to have an application submitted to the membership for approval. The profile of a member is a long term tenant of Marina Coral, a long term tenant of King's Coronita RV Park, or a dedicated trailer boater who frequents and launches out of Marina Coral. The applicant must practice offshore etiquette and observe the rules and guidelines of the Marina Coral and be on the good side of Mike Richardson of Ensenada Live Bait. Steve and Gail Ross can be found either on their boat “Bad Dog”, or on the bluff at their trailer home overlooking the Bahia Todos Santos and Marina Coral enthusiastically enjoying their day every weekend. Stop by and say hello, they would be happy to welcome you and help you get acquainted with the local fishing flora and fauna. 

*Unfortunately, membership in Pescadores De Ensenada has been recently disbanded due to lack of interest in paying the year 2004 dues to the new club. As is common in Mexico , situations change continually, and many of the members of the club during its first year of existence have bailed out on the efforts of the clubs founders to continue a second year. But, as the Mexicans say, no door ever closes but another opens…




  A Tourist Card for you and your crew is not necessary in the Ensenada area as the first checkpoints for this documentation are south of town. Tourist Cards are a valuable part of your paperwork presented as proof to the taxman for the owner and spouse of the yacht and are available at the Immigration (Migration) office for a current fee of approximately US $20.


The new radio satellite subscription system is ideal for a large selection of radio programming and is reported to have its coverage extend to Mazatlan on the mainland of Mexico.



  I would appreciate your response and continued feedback about your experiences while traveling in Mexico using our book. I have traveled to Ensenada many times over the past 4 decades and observed the area’s ever-changing evolution from rural frontier to urbanization. I will continue to update this book in future editions to keep pace with the changes as they happen. Since the first printing of this book, I have discovered that I could write something new to update my text weekly. Ensenada is an extremely fluid and rapidly evolving little city! In a perfect future world, I would update my journal and have your virtual book changed as I type. But, currently we must contend with my issuing new editions in limited numbers per each printing updating each subsequent print run. This will cost you and I more, as smaller print quantities cost more per unit, but this is the price we have to pay to keep the information within this text timely and accurate. I would appreciate any information you may have that will improve this book’s next issue. You can contact me at Thank you for your patronage of this book. Above all, I hope you will enjoy traveling through the areas of Mexico described in this book before they too are spoiled by overpopulation.




Possession of a knife, whether concealed or not, greater than three fingers in width, will find you in a Mexican jail.



Km-104: In the town of El Sauzal. Our favorite roadside taco stand will be found at this location one block northwest of the new stoplight in the center of town. Named Taqueria El Trailero, this is a quick stop for the best carne asada tacos we have found in the El Sauzal area. Priced at 60 cents each, stop and pick up a handful to celebrate your arrival at your boat. A box of 20 Coronas or Pacificos for US $11, 2 blocks southeast at El Canico Deposito will complete the festivity.


Please e-mail us with your experiences, good or bad, using our books on our feedback page. Thank you for purchasing our books and we wish you many safe and happy True Travels.






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